purpose? life verse.

thinking about my purpose used to give me anxiety out of the yingyang. i used to think my purpose was this huge thing that would be revealed all at once. living, claiming God, i thought i had to reach a level of “goodness” to have this revelation. when i felt like i did not attain this level of goodness, i’d back off my journey a bit and regress inward and convince myself that i would have to try and be “good” all over again.

in no way do i believe this to be true. this was when i was believing lies. this mind frame was derived from spiritual immaturity and not understanding the covering of god’s grace. however, that discussion will be shared in another post.

a friend shared with me what it meant to have a “life verse”. this was a verse from the bible that you as an individual believe highlights your overarching purpose here on earth. i thought to myself “why is this so important?” “how do i find it”, and “how do i know it is for sure, my life verse?”

good questions that i started answering.

a life verse is important because it gives you a clear vision on what you are called to do here on earth. while i do not believe i have just one purpose-i do believe i have several assignments here on earth. all those assignments however point to my life verse.

in other words, if i feel as though one of my assignments here on earth is to be a wife (no, not yet) then that is going to ultimately agree with my life verse, or purpose. it is also important because truth be told-life is hard. i get discouraged and sometimes things get foggy, but my life verse is there to remind me who i am and what i was called to do.

the next question i looked to answer was “how do i find my life verse?”

i’m not saying i know how, but i am saying i believe i found mine by considering a few different aspects. one of them being figuring out what i was made for.  for me, i had a reoccurring theme in my life; encouragement. i enjoyed encouraging people and i thought i was good at it. so in a sense i realized my purpose where my gifts/talents and enjoyment crossed paths. another reoccurring theme in my life that helped my purpose surface was my faith. i was not born christian, yet i have a huge tie and attraction to the light. with these things considered i sought out my life verse.

so i’m sure you’re wondering, well what is it?

i believe my life verse is found in mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone”.

simple, but it embodies that overarching theme throughout my life.

the last question i addressed when looking for my life verse was “how do i know this is my life verse?”

even as a believer i am the type of person who needs like a gazillion confirmations to solidify something. well, as a believer i also had to have faith. so i chose this life verse and i chose it in faith believing the signs and things i have experienced in my life point to it. even so, it is not assignment specific, but it underwrites the mentality and character behind the tasks i complete and my grand purpose here.

having my life verse has cancelled out many doubts in my mind. i use it to remind myself why i’m here and to not give up. i use it to confirm the steps i make in my life because it derived from the word and at the least that is a stride in the right direction. it also reminds me of not only what i have been called to do, but who called me to do it.

what’s your life verse?

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