human nature: mixing voices

Even as a Christian I get confused as to when God is talking to me, and what thoughts to believe in my mind.

I’m learning that even though I’m saved and I am vigilant in my faith, that doesn’t stop thoughts that do not derive from god from entering into my head.

I’m slowly getting it and training my defenses to recognize these thoughts and labeling them is hard-deciding what to believe is also difficult. However like I said slowly-which means every single day my mind is under attack and every day I must sift through every thought and decide-is that from god?

What’s the value in determining what thoughts are inspired by god and what thoughts are not? I’m glad I asked myself that question.

Two powers are working in our minds. And they are battling it out for mind control. One is God derived-powers of good, loving, and truthful in nature and the other, well the other is Satan and all his lie telling. Satan is the prince of deception. He tells lie after lie after lie and there is no truth to his word.

Therefore if these two powers are at work for my mind and to then manifest themselves into my actions, which one would I want to chose? This is what I asked myself. And undoubtedly I wanted the good. I wanted truth and I wanted it gently, not harshly implanted in my mind.

As we all do.

That’s nice that I was able to choose light over dark (don’t we all want light) but following the next question, holding more importance was: when is god speaking and when was satan’s lying-tail, fibbing off at the mouth? Thoughts that might derive from the enemy-or Satan are ones that leave you feeling defeated, maybe not good enough, negative self talk. These are lies yet we talk to ourselves in our head like this don’t we? And naturally, we start believe them or already do.

Jesus talks a lot about his “sheep” or his followers throughout the gospel of John claiming we know him and that his sheep listen to his voice (john10:27)

So I thought to myself “if I’m getting confused as to what voice to follow and listen to, is there something wrong with me? Am I less of a Christian?” NO! Lie!!! This was a lie, that dark voice trying to entrap me in a negative thought flow.

I had to study jesus to understand what he meant. Jesus taught this parable at a time when people were confused as to who he was (sound familiar?) he was constantly questioned about his authority to speak on certain things-yet he only spoke truth and performed miracles in hopes they would believe he was the light of the world-that he was the man behind truthful, gentle thoughts.

Studying jesus, dissecting his loving nature and refreshing myself with it everyday, that’s when I started realizing how much my mind was under attack. This did not stop the attacks. This just allowed me to start deciphering dark, lifeless thoughts from those live-bearing, truthful ones.

This is so important because let’s face it-the mind is so powerful. Even on a generalized, secular scale we try to preach positivity-“dream. Plan. Achieve”

Where do dreams come from? We conjure them up in our minds! So if we are breeding negative, unkind thoughts toward ourselves and our situation, what kind of output are we going to be able to give?

Stop telling yourself you can’t do and tell yourself you can do all things through Christ jesus who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13)

Stop telling yourself you’re weak minded, and tell yourself you have his strong spirit inside of you. (John 17)

Stop telling yourself you are unworthy and tell yourself you are apart of a royal lineage. (Galatians 4:7)

These lies we feed ourselves-they manifest into our reality.

Realize that God is loving and he will correct us if we allow him to-but it will never be in an unloving, unkind way.

How do I know that? Because that is not God’s character. And that’s how I decide what thoughts to keep and what thoughts to take captive and kick out of my head.

God is love. The way he talks to us in our minds will be of similar if not exact nature. Throughout the word God calls YOU chosen, free, forgiven, loved. he would never supply you thoughts that contradict himself, after all God is an unchanging God.

When thoughts of doubt, self-hatred, and pettiness flood our minds we have to know-that is not God. That is the exact opposite of who he is. And no matter how hard headed we are, god will never stoop to degrading us in our thoughts to get through to us. God is patient with us. (1 corinthians 13)

So when thoughts come across my mind and attempt to snag my attention, I need to decide-is this god? Do these thoughts derive from the nature and character of a loving, truthful god?

If not I need to not only dismiss them, but also replace them with the loving, gentle thoughts and words of jesus.

It’s then I started discerning thoughts from above from those rendered by Satan, who wants to pull me under.

Who is controlling your mind?


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