who am I and why I’m here.

Hello there my name is Galila Abdelghani. I’m a mom to a wonderfully made son. His name is Akheel and he is currently 3 years old. Right now I’m just enjoying life with him and trying to make the best choices possible for him. Writing keeps me in check and makes me reflect on life and digest what’s going on around me. I try to balance life with that mentality and also realizing how short this journey here really is. I started this blog for two reasons.

one being that using the blog to share my thoughts holds me accountable. It helps me stay in a routine.

The other reason I started this blog was to hopefully help anyone through the experiences I’ve have had whether they are trying to understand something or grow, I’d be honored if I could provide encouragement in that way.  I really hope to be light in this world and be a reflection of God’s patient love and boundless grace. I’m not perfect and no body is and I want this blog to have that undertone. I hope to be a temple for the Holy Spirit. I understand that this means I am constantly under redefinition and things can maybe not feel so good at times.

I also hope to inspire people to embrace their situations and kindly work through them. I hope to inspire a growth in faith and a shrinkage of the dark

I want to show people my way of doing it; just that it might help someone else

Thank you for being here,

I’m truly honored you’re reading this,


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