2018: be real

Champagne-Toastohhh lala, cheers! it is that time of the year again. we just got through christmas and now we are approaching the new year.

and what do i see? bloggers and social media folk posting up their new year’s resolutions.

goal setting is great. i love seeing how motivated everyone gets around this time of the year. however…is this the year we are all going to stick by our goals?

yeah i said it. because i see it everywhere and every year and i’m no exception. we all set these stellar goals out of ambition, yet we get a few months into the year and we lose focus. sounds familiar? oh yeah, for me too.

so this is an issue. well i think it is. when i make a goal with myself and i find myself year after year tucking away the plan to that goal because of whatever reason-time, kids, tiredness, life-it doesn’t feel good. it is a failure in a sense. so instead of chalking up my failures year after year i decided to make realistic goals for 2018.

i’m no pro goal setter, but after not meeting several personal/professional goals year in and out, i started using the mindset and approach of personal inventory.

personal inventory when googled, says it reveals information on an “individuals’ social traits, motivations, strengths and weakness, and attitudes”.  it is used in a career context, but what is important is what information is gathered from the inventory.

i’m speaking of the inventory in a very informal way. because you as an individual know you best, personal inventory can be simply making yourself aware of what you’re good at, what you’re not so good at, your strengths, weaknesses, your self esteem, and other characteristic traits that will help you determine what goals to make and what areas to make them in.

for example i’m going to use the typical fitness resolution. if i hate working out and i eat horribly, but i want to create a fitness goal it should be reasonable. if i were this person, my fitness goal should not be to work out 7 days a weeks and eat no carbs all year. however, maybe create a plan that i will revisit several times throughout the year perhaps creating milestones and check points for myself, pushing myself to an ultimate fitness goal.

i know some of you reading this may be thinking “i can do all things!” which is true. i do believe whatever we can imagine, we can manifest. but let’s be real here…too many times we set our goals to be beyond what we are willing or sometimes even capable to do. we either lack the motivation, the perseverance, or simply it is not the right time in our lives to create and attempt to execute certain goals. we can try, all i’m saying is let’s be realistic in setting these goals.

if you say you are going to write a book and publish it this year, but aren’t the best writer, you haven’t much practice, and you really don’t have an idea what you are going to write, do you think a book is the best, most realistic goal? not really.

when thinking about what kind of goals we want to make and meet this year we should also take into consideration what kind of time we have on our hands if our goals are going to be time consuming. if it is a financial goal, again we should realistically be looking at our finances.

also, let’s think about how many goals we are making. sometimes we plan to overachieve and then that leads to frustration and not achieving anything at all.

either way, i do believe if you think it, you can achieve it. all the power you need to achieve your goal(s) in 2018 is within you-it just needs to be executed in the right way.

be blessed and happy new year!

happy goal setting!




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