where have you been

484863710As I start to resurface on social media, and investing more time publicly in my writing craft here, I have often been asked: where you been? It’s nice to know I’m noticed y’all.

But where have I been? I been learning.

Who am I being schooled by? Life.

I have no shame in saying that, because ultimately I know who I am and why I am here. I know that when I was 21 I didn’t know much, and I still don’t know much.

But I’ve been making mistakes then trying to fix them. Then I’ve been making more mistakes trying to fix the initial mistakes. I have been learning to heal and mend things within myself. I have been focusing, losing focus then refocusing.

I have been learning how to love and to not be so suspicious of those around me. I have been learning how to be slow to speak, yet quick to listen. I have been learning the beauty of opening up and answering the call to my destiny. I have been learning how to speak with as much faith that’s been given to me.

I’ve been learning how to let go and let God handle my light and heavy work. I’ve been learning just how unchanging, and how truthful God really is. I’ve been learning how he moves you, you don’t have to do it yourself. And the love and grace he is showing me, I am learning to translate that into a mother’s love for my child.

I was just able to do this better in isolation, through meditation-some might even call it religion.

So even though I haven’t spoken out much, and I don’t go out much, I’ve been here-learning to lean on love, build on truth, and walk in grace.



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