We Are Jars of Clay

“At the mercy of the Potter’s hands, I’ve been broken. By the graceful hands of the Potter, I am also remade.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy of God being the Potter and us being his clay. This analogy illustrates the work God is doing in us. The break down of stoney hearts, and the replacement of them with the things of God is the story of the Potter and his jars of clay.

I do not like the painful part of the break down process. Undoing the damage that life’s hurts and disappointments has brought on is far from desired, but necessary to walk in the fullness of my purpose.

A piece of pottery that is already set cannot be remolded or reshaped-it has to undergo some sort of break down or undoing process so it can be remade all over again. In the same sense, God needs us to be malleable, but life has left us hardened and unworkable.

We must be broken down to be made new again.

We have to be positioned for this to happen. However when we allow it to happen, when we allow ourselves to become moldable, it is then we can be reshaped to walk in our calling.

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