Choose Wisely

Someone once told me that God doesn’t necessarily want you to consult him in prayer about all decisions you need to make in your life.

I flipped out on this person.

Years later, I realized this person was right and also what they meant.

God made it so we don’t have to go to him in prayer about everything. Yes, this looks a lot like free will. And there is nothing wrong consulting God. However through the wisdom in the Word of God, we already have certain answers and we don’t need to sit and wait for confirmation to make certain moves in our lives. Examples of this go from maybe small decisions we need to make on a daily basis to big decisions that we only want to make once in a life time.

The instance of dating: if you are dating someone and they don’t share the same faith as you, there is really no reason to string along the relationship and pray for a “sign” of confirmation. Wisdom clearly states you are not to be unevenly yoked or “team up” with someone who isn’t a believer in Christ (Corinthians 6:14). Another is how to respond in difficult or trying circumstance by not worrying. Another is how to bless our finances, through tithing. Another being how to react to difficult people or your parents if they are being unlovable. The list goes on and on.

The point is God himself inspired the scripture so that when we study it and follow it, we are equipped to carry out and respond with the right heart and action. This is the wisdom of God. This is so that we can make decisions with the right choices instead of having to experience hardship that might come with wrong choices or perhaps await answers that are already right under our noses.

Seek wisdom, choose wisely.

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