Preparations for Purpose


Who doesn’t want to experience the joy and fulfillment that accompanies us when we are walking in our destined purpose? Many of us while having this human experience on earth- before we birth into eternity, we will probably wear multiple hats-being a mother, a daughter, a friend-yet we still yearn for that fullness of living out our God-given calling.

You know what I’m talking about. You could be doing something ethical and rewarding with your life-for me it was teaching young minds-but you know you were made to reach beyond that. Don’t get me wrong, for some people being a teacher is what they are called to do not only for a season, but for a life time, and they know this and are completely satisfied with this. That is great, but not the point.

Most of us will go through our lives with mundane routines and careers that are not as invigorating as we wish they were, all because life set itself up that way and the unfolding of events in your life forced you into a safe zone. I get it.

But what if the unfolding of life-no matter how far along you may be-was to set you up to exit the safe zone, and seek out your purpose and taking opportunities to walk in it? This perspective shift can change your life, literally your destiny.

The biggest deterrent I had in seeking out my purpose is failure. You know you fail so many times, and seemingly get “set back” so many times that you start to convince your inner being to settle-to wade in the safe zone, away from any risks. When we start thinking like this we become tunnel visioned, we limit God and any opportunity he tries to bring to us. We make ourselves unavailable. We are saying to God, “no not me, don’t send me, not today, not never”.

Because God gave us free will, guess what? He won’t force anything on you. And if your grand scheme of a plan is to be pitied and stifled by unfortunate events in your life, he will lovingly allow that to be your plan for it says in Proverbs 16:9, we can create a plan but how it unravels will ultimately be up to God. However, we have this option or we have the option of taking all the experiences we have with life, milking the lessons and truths out of them, and allowing that to refine our purpose and path, instead of allowing those experiences to be barricades to a place where God is positioning us for our purpose.

The truth is your purpose requires a high degree of preparation. Purpose is the cross between your God-given gifts and your passion. Even though we are born with our gifts, just like we are born with other traits and potentials, our gifts need to be developed, and the paradigms of time and experience allow this to happen. Just like you choose a career and pursue a degree or class that helps you prepare for that career-in the same sense we can look at life experiences-the good and the bad- as training for our purpose.

If you are someone reading this, and you maybe settled yourself in the safe zone-I am here to tell you it is okay to walk outside of it, just go with God and his word. God made his promise to you and I in Jeremiah when he said he has a plan for us, and it is a prosperous one, not a harmful one. You might be feeling weary from life and you might have made the decision to settle-but I can tell you God’s plan is never for you to settle. Settling kills momentum. Settling is a hopeless mindset. By settling, any potential present slowly dissipates, and you eventually only have what you settled with. Is that really what you want? That is not the purposeful living you started out yearning for.

Before I close this out, I want to point out a couple of people who waited years to walk in their purpose. Jesus himself was roughly 30 years old when he started walking in the fullness of his purpose, until reaching his ultimate purpose of dying on the cross. Abraham was promised the nations and descendants in those nations, but that didn’t even seem plausible to him until he was about 100 years old and God finally fulfilled that promise by letting his wife Sarah, give birth to a son. All of Jesus’ disciples-they had to wait for Jesus to choose them, teach them, and then him dying, to take on the identity of their new purpose. Prior to that, they all had already invested themselves into some sort of lifestyle or career, but it took listening to Jesus and following him, literally dropping everything-to walk in their true purpose. They didn’t let life, and their past, and the way people viewed them deter them from walking with Jesus, and then into their calling. In fact, some of his disciples were the worst of sinners. Nevertheless, they took where they had been, and looked to Jesus to discover what they could be.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” -Mark 16:15


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