Choose Life


We call it so many things. Light and dark. Righteous and unrighteous. Clean and dirty. Pure and evil.  Right and wrong. However you want to differentiate the two sides of yourself, the truth is we all have those same two sides in each one of us. Each of us has a good and a bad side. The spirit we all have, it thrives off of one of these sides. The smallest decisions we make can nurture one of the two. The experiences we have had from birth until this day, they have had the opportunity to nourish each of these opposites. And these two are the foundation from which our perspective derives and then the decisions we make. However, ultimately we have a choice as to which side we want to invest in and see flourish. We all have the same opportunity to walk in the light or dark-the good or the bad.

I’ve been in the crowd of people who submit to the “bad” side of themselves. And we are those type of people who will sit there and swear that people including themselves, will never understand why we’re “like this”, but we just are and we accept it and hey by the way-so should you. No, no, what we have accepted is the choice to invest in the dark dwellings of ourselves. I’ve chosen to lie, when I had the same opportunity to tell the truth. I have cheated, having the opportunity to go about things honestly. I have judged and gossiped, when I had the same opportunity to remain meek. It is all a choice.

I started making “good” choices when I shifted my perspective. What is more important to you? To get what you want or get what you need? Is it important that you get your way, or that you are genuinely making a way, through life?

Choose Life.




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