Women of Jesus: Moving Pass your Past

Rolling Hills


We all have a past. It takes some time to move on from that past-to realize, you’ve made mistakes and now there is nothing that can be done to take them back. That doesn’t mean that this past doesn’t leave you feeling discourage-leaving you with the thoughts that maybe if you just did this or did that differently,- meddling in different memories wondering why or where you went “wrong”. Somethings in my past have left me feeling empty. Worthless. Ugly. Unwanted. Unlovable. I feel as though this is more difficult for women to conquer. We are perceived by society completely different than men. There are things in society that when a man does them, seems to be easier to overlook. Have you heard people say “what do you expect, he’s a man”? I have. It can leave you thinking you as a woman are supposed to operate under a certain…

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