2018 Summer Beauty Basics

Summer rolling in means picking up some beauty essentials that won’t break the bank, are clean, and help you look your best-all while keeping you cool, comfy, and confident in the hot, summer sun!

Lately I’ve been fixated on finding the right products for Summer 2018. I got a new boyfriend-I’m feeling good-so it is only right that we move into this new season with the right products to foster my love for my body and also my desire to feel and look my best. The products that I pick are mostly wholesome. I try my best to find the balance and boundary between price point and quality. These are some summer basics I’ve used and personally recommend Summer 2018.

  1. Mielle Styling Gel, Target $13– Freshen up those beachy waves or corally coils with this awesome smelling,  pick-me-up for your hair! Infused with ginger and honey, this styling gel works great as a 2nd or 3rd day curl refresher and will have you smelling light and breezy. It’s made with organic ingredients that nourish your hair and leave you with no crunch, just soft, tamed bounce! Personal Styling Tip: I found this to work best when your hair has a splash of water in it, prior to applying the gel. Section off hair, and apply gel, section by section. Scrunch from the end to root to maximize your bounce and control your curl.
  2. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil in Aqua Green, Amazon $8– Summer time, is fun time! I never know when me and the babe are going to want to jump in some water to cool down, and because of that reason I personally do not like wearing too much make up during the hot summer days (plus it is overly humid). So to add a subtle color pop to my light-hours make up routine, I went ahead and ordered this summer marine green eyeliner. It’s an easy-gliding, retractable crayon-pencil that pops with high intensity and it is totally buildable. Personal Styling Tip: I use a thin line of this over a nude eyelid and enhance my wide eyed look with clean, wispy lashes. It is super easy to build yourself a thicker line with how smooth this liner glides on.
  3. Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Brass, Amazon Add-on $1– Switching over into the night? This is a fun little number to dab on under the summer moonlight. Dazzle up with this glittered eye pigment that adds a hint of wonder and sparkle for the perfect date night.  Personal styling Tip: I would pair this with a mix of your favorite eyelid primer and a hint of Vaseline. Apply the mixture prior to dabbing this over your lid with a more sturdy eye shadow brush.
  4. OPI Nail Lacquer in Live. Love. Carnaval. Target, $9– I went and got  a pedicure polished off with a milky-peach color. I fell in love with the color and found it to have the perfect-kind of summer appeal, but was bummed when I destroyed the top coat by wearing sneakers. That is okay though! It inspired me to seek out my own polish and I found this coral, bright pink. It comes off  summer-bold, with a slight sophisticated-feminine feel (but never feeling or looking too 80’s). Gloss some over your fingernails to tie your summer look together.
  5. Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen, Target $16 – I can’t get enough of this stuff. This sunscreen is a win-win! Protect your skin from the hot summer rays and also add a glow to your skin with this bronzing sunscreen. The coconut smell puts you right into summer and the bronzing affect will leave you feeling cool and confident in between the heat waves. This sunscreen in made with wholesome-health in mind, having only nourishing ingredients that protect and love on your skin and add a healthy, summer-flow glow. Personal Styling Tip: Spray this on everyday, but rub it in good! Remember it has tint in it, so it could get on your clothing and other materials. I do like to wear it as a moisturizer out and about because of the nourishing ingredients and the subtle coconut smell.
  6. Holo Glow in Electric Blush by Victoria’s Secret, Victoria’s Secret, $14- Lip game change is a must when the seasons switch over. I put aside my thick, matte stain and glosses for the summer to try this prismatic top coat. Even though it says top coat,  it works great for an all-day wear, bare on your lips. The prismatic affect comes off holographic-reflecting the light to show off fuller, glossier-yet simple- lip game. Personal Styling Tip: I like to apply a nude lip primer on before adding this to my on-the-go look. If my lips are dry, I make sure I do two things: add a smudge of Vaseline before the primer and drink more water!
  7. Lash Renegade by Wet n Wild in Brazen Black, $6- This light-weight yet powerful mascara will surprisingly impress you this summer. The unique brush really does separate lashes while lifting them, giving you that fresh and clean, wide-eye look. It is smudge-proof, weathering the Florida humidity, but also comes off rather easy for those quick dips in the pool. Personal Styling Tip: I like to apply this to my bottom lashes first. I don’t let them dry before applying to the top lashes because the corner lashes on the top and bottom sometimes stick together. Take a little extra time on the corner lashes separating them and allowing them to dry to get the perfect wispy lash-lock.
  8. Any Day Tank A New Day, Target $8- These are a summer staple for sure. They are soft, stretchy, and comfortable, and they come in so many great colors and prints. You can also get them in a more flowy fit (compliments a mini jean-skirt very well) or you can try the ribbed fit. Either or, you can dress them up with a maxi skirt or pair them casual with low-rise jeans or short-shorts. Personal Styling Tip: I use a summer color pallet to simplify my choice in color scheme (because there are so many choices!). The mint, coral, and navy blue (for night time) are my favorite ones to sport this summer. Of course I always have a black one and white one on deck. I usually wear these tanks with a pair of shorts or a cute patterned skirt during the hots summer days-jeans during the afternoon sun showers.
  9. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Bergamot and Lime, Target $5- Your body chemistry is going to react differently to the season change, no matter where you are! Because of that reason I can say this natural deodorant is one that truly works. The tangy lime scent is refreshing and because it is natural (aluminum-free) you can apply it as often as you feel you need it. The natural salts have a way of reacting to your body’s needs, giving off a light tang smell rather than B.O. Personal Styling Tip: I think this goes on smoother and works best on freshly shaved underarms.
  10. Tic Tac in Orange, Target $1– Okay, yes these are sort of random, but summer for me means chlorine, salt water and heat-all things that dry up my mouth! Keep your senses stimulated with the tang of these orange mints. They are easy to pop in your mouth and super convenient to carry in a small clutch or cross body.

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