Fear is something we all struggle with to some degree. Many times in life I find myself reacting out of fear.

The thing is-we all fear something. We fear what people may think of us so we don’t step out to where God is calling us. We fear loneliness so we stay in toxic relations to manage that loneliness. We fear not having enough so we refuse to be generous A lot of our decision making operates under fear.

For me, I feared not having control. I wanted things just how they were in my head. When I saw my life unfolding into nothing I had expected, I shrank. I couldn’t take not knowing what was going to happen; not knowing I really had no control- I still feared.

This fear of losing control, made me lose control. I followed this deceiving feeling of fear. We shouldn’t make decisions out of a feeling. Fear is a feeling. We are so intriguingly and wonderfully made. Our feelings are important and we should acknowledge and understand them. But they should not have dominion over the decisions we make.

I’m getting to a point in my life where fear is shrinking slowly-but I had to work with God to have more faith and shedding of fear. In James 2 it says “So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”. So I have to be proactive and not reactive, and intentional about working with God to rid this fear. I had to do pursue the opposite of fear-faith.

First and foremost I had to realize I was letting this fear rule my life and I was operating under my emotions. Many of the decisions that have lead me up to this point in my life, have been mostly made out of fear. Knowing that, I knew that faith and fear cannot coexist-fear is not having faith in God

I had to let God have control. I would be so scared to make choices or of change because what if I didn’t like the outcome or consequence? I had to realize I didn’t have control. Being a woman who claims her faith-I was doing the exact opposite. I was not letting go and I was trying to control through my fearful feelings.

I also had to realize that God-he works everything out for my good (Romans 8). God is good and he doesn’t change all because we make a bad choice or a choice that looked good, but maybe didn’t play out how we planned. He has adopted us as his own which abolishes our ties to fear. That bondage is broken. He gently works with us when we get derailed. We have to trust in his goodness and how he is always trying to take our circumstance and enhance it-from the inside out. He wants to help you get rid of that fear of being alone. He wants to replace that fear of not conceiving or getting that raise with faith that you will. He wants you to fearlessly live your life with complete faith in him. Walk in freedom from fear.

“The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.”
-Romans 8:15


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