What Faith Can Do

We grow in God when we use our faith.  We do things, not knowing how they may pan out-that’s when we thrive and grow in our faith. Each one of the unfortunate predicaments I’ve found myself in or each trial I’ve had victory over all required me to have one thing: faith.

When we demonstrate acts of trust in God-this is when we take our faith to a new level. We grow deeper in him and more rooted to his heart when we do things that require us to use that deep rooted trust and step out of our comfort zones. This requires us to do works aided by our faith. Using faith is moving forward knowing that his promises are true and good with all feelings aside and regardless of what we see in front of us.

I’ve recently felt like God had over looked me. I felt like things weren’t changing in my life and I felt a lot of doubt in God. I continued to pray though, and spent time reading through the Word. But I felt like everything I read pertained to others and not me because I didn’t see any parts of my life really being fruitful or flourishing.

That’s when I felt God ask me a question: “Galila, what are you doing that requires you to have faith”? I thought about it for a few days. I was wrestling with this question because I thought I had faith. I prayed. I believed. However what I realized was that God wasn’t talking about simply believing -but instead asking me what am I doing in faith. What am I stepping into that requires me to rely on God-regardless of the outcome. This means doing things or challenging myself in areas of my life that I have never before. Stepping outside of the box, or pursuing an opportunity. Leaning on him when I’m weak and for guidance. These things require that kind of faith. These situations require us to lean on Him and stay close. How could I be fruitful and grow if I am not doing something differently-something that requires me to operate in faith.

For most people everyday life doesn’t call the need to have this kind of faith, especially if we are settled in contentment. On a normal day we go to work/school, work, maybe the store-we don’t necessarily cry out to God and move close to him in these everyday activities. Of course we have bad days-but most days-we pretty much can get through-having this active faith is not required because we aren’t challenging ourselves. We are simply living life.

We grow in our faith when we do things that require us to trust God and lean on his for the outcome. We grow closer to God, the Messiah when we enter into something-maybe a job, a sickness, a financial situation-an unfamiliar situation-that demands us to use active faith. It’s trusting that you may not feel qualified, or lovable, or worthy or uncertain about what you’re going to endure, but when we act in faith and in obedience, his grace makes us victorious over these situations. Whether it is a negative circumstance or an opportunity. That is when he moves us from glory to glory. That’s when we experience his favor and over flow. We get to know God more deeply when we we trust him in our next steps-but we have to make that next step. It’s keeping God close and trusting hist footsteps instead of our own.

I challenge you to do something that requires you to exercise this kind of faith. Faith that brings you to a new glory and has the potential to sanctify and enhance your life.  Maybe it’s starting that new business, but feeling you may fail. Maybe it’s a fast, but fighting the flesh’s desire to give something up. Or cutting out a bad habit, but having to find a healthy habit to fill in for it. Maybe it is letting go of an unhealthy relationship in fear that you’d be lonely. If we want to grow-if we want change in our lives- we need to step out and do things in faith. That’s when the miraculous happens. It is not saying it will make it easier. Nor does it mean it is an instant spurt in spiritual grow-but its allowing God in our circle of control and letting his grace fill in for our lack when we make moves in faith.

We see this kind of faith in David when Goliath stepped up to the battle line and all the other Israelite soldiers ran in fear. David stood in faith and fought the Philistines-not with his own ability because David was tiny compared to the giant. David’s army fled in fear-not David-he was grounded in faith. Yet he defeated the Philistines, but he had to act, he had to do. (1 Samuel 17).

God is waiting for you to step out and do something that requires you to put your trust and faith in him so he can show you an experience like David’s. For some of us it is going back to school or moving to take a new job. Maybe it’s your spouse or child you’ve been praying for to return back to Jesus. Maybe it’s an addiction that you can’t possibly seem to break free from. For some of us-it is internal work like forgiveness, envy, or bitterness. Whatever it is, God is waiting for you to invite him to walk into the unknown with you and show you just what stepping out in faith can do. He’s waiting to blow your mind. Yes, he “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3).
But it requires you to step out.

 “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is” dead.
-James 2:26

Music to break barriers:  “What Faith Can Do-Kutless”






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