Present, and Accounted For.

I know there hasn’t been much movement from me. So I want to apologize to my readers for the distance I’ve created between us. I’m sorry.

However, I can say God has been taking all things in my life and working them out for my good. He’s bringing me through situations and and healing me and having me walk into freedom. I come back to you at a new height-with a new perspective that has finally elevated me above the spiritual plateau I found myself on. I praise God that I can share this, hoping you are doing the same.

I have finally come out of the desert. For those who might think I mean a physical desert-let me be clear that this was a spiritual desert. I was waiting for years to be delivered from this place of depression, weariness, unworthiness, and fear. For the past several years, I have been pursuing God in protest. I have appealed to him in prayer for my freedom from these debilitating leeches to my spirit.. 13 years later I can truly say I have been healed and delivered from these things. It’s truly a remarkable feeling. It’s a monument in my life. However, I know God stilll has things he wants to free me from-so I cannot stop the pursuit.

Unfortunately, I prolonged what was supposed to be a rather quick trip through the desert. Just like the Israelites complained and resisted God’s discipline wandering through their desert-I did the same in mine. Just as they made their maybe week trip a 40 year trip-I added time and mileage through my desert storm as well. I pray you are not doing the same. I pray you’re pushing for excellence, not to be great for yourself, but because God has put you here to be excellent. For him and others.

Note, I’m encouraging excellence, not perfection. A driving force, not a striving force.

I will post soon, hopefully tonight.

I just wanted to post something in regards to my whereabouts and my well being and to encourage you through this season of life.

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