Me, Embracing Grace

In this season of my life, I have been gaining a new understanding of the grace that God provides to us through Christ Jesus. I cannot speak for all Christians, but I can say for myself I have not only under utilized his grace, but I have underestimated the power that accompanies me when I call on his grace.

I can’t help but to think why? Why am I underestimating and under-using something that was given to me to use freely and ultimately benefits the kingdom of God?

One answer that seems to have a wide covering over many questions I have had in my faith is shortly because I did not see my need for it or I could not identify my need for it.

There has been so many times where I’ve waited and waited before turning to God to help me with a problem, or sometimes it wasn’t a problem, but call on Him for something that I just did not know how to navigate through. Time and time again, I try on my own and I make no progress (or make it horrible), in turn, I give it to God and it seemingly works itself out through His power and grace.

Let’s make me clear here. No, I am not encouraging those reading this to go make whatever choices then run to God to fix them,  but what I am suggesting is why not invite him in from the beginning? For example, if I have to get a creative flow going, and my normal exercises are not producing the creative fruit I need, why not invite God into the situation?  I can invite Holy Spirit to share vision with me and creativity since, creativity is a spirit of God. Why am I waiting to feel emptied of creative ideas before approaching the throne?

Also, if he can use his grace to make a bad situation better, why not offer him my good situations and allow his power to make them great? Hmm…I think I’m on to something.

We journey with God to expand his kingdom. There is no wonder why He tells us to come to him. Since I’m building His kingdom, He knows how to do all things according to His wisdom, love, and power and when we allow that process to take place in us, we grow his kingdom that much more. And when we do attempt to plan and execute with God on the side lines and muted, guess what? Yes, he is still there waiting to rescue and redeem, and when that happens the kingdom is expanded by a soul, or a story that shines light on the dark corners of this world and into someone’s life.

Bigger picture-as Christians, we can ask God to come and work his grace and power in all situations. We don’t have to rely on our own understanding-in fact, he even tells us not to do that. Also, the situation doesn’t have to be a bad situation I know I have a tendency to not ask God into parts of my life simply because they seem “good”. God lives through us. God reaches other, encourages other, stands up for others, cares for others-through us! The more room in our lives we give Him to grow His purpose, the more He will fill up those spaces and our lives.

I encourage you to ask yourself: “what areas of my life am I limiting God?” Think about those areas that are going pretty smooth, maybe you haven’t necessarily left God out, but perhaps you never really invited him to take control and produce his will in those areas. Some of the areas for me, I intentionally kept him out, for a very long time. This might have been something like what  I was doing in my free time, or who I have in my inner circle. Maybe not necessarily bad things or bad people, however I did not invite God into those areas or seek out his guidance, therefore I was not using his wisdom in those areas.

“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”
-Numbers 6

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